There has been big changes in Europe and the USA in the last few years with some big companies demanding meat from slow growth chickens.  In fact a lot of leading US food companies and restaurant chains have said that by 2024 they will only sell meat from slow growth chickens. This is mainly from education and the public realising the welfare issues with meat chickens that grow so fast.

It is not just as simple as letting regular commercial meat chicks to grow to 12 weeks instead of the usual 5 or 6.  They have been designed for super fast growth and to be a terminal bird at 5/6 weeks and after that they struggle with mobility'

We started out trying to breed a bird with real flavour but along the way realised they are so much better suited to free range and also an ethical alternative to regular meat birds.  When enquiries from regular commercial meat chicken farms are made the first thing they often ask is what is their Feed Conversion Rate or FCR. I think this shows what is the most important issue most commercial meat growers are interested in. For us it is flavour, welfare and letting chickens be chickens.


This strain has been purposely bred for free range, high welfare growth rate and increased flavour . They have been developed for moderate growth which produces a bird that is best suited (and able) to be grown to market weight in 84 days(12 weeks) which results in a bird with a perfect marriage of fine texture and superior flavour to the standard 35-42 day commercial meat chicken. Welfare is also an important issue we believe when raising meat chickens. We have concentrated on using Heritage breeds and have been very strict in producing a bird that maintains good mobility and balanced growth as opposed to commercial birds who struggle after 6 weeks. The flavour of these birds was recognised in 2019 winning a highly regarded Delicious Produce award.



These birds are slow grown out to 112 days (16 weeks) which means the depth of flavour is incredible.  These birds are very active and this produces dark leg meat and textured white breast meat.  The richness of flavour in these birds is like traditional chicken used to taste and adds real chicken flavour to any recipe.  The birds are much sought after for many multicultural dishes. These birds won two Delicious Produce Awards in 2018.


JOYCES GOLD 12                                                  JOYCES GOLD 16