Joyce’s Gold Heritage Meat Chickens





The Joyce`s Gold Heritage meat chicken is a breed developed in Australia by the Joyce family using traditional Heritage breeds. They have developed two strains, one that takes 12 weeks to reach market weight (1.6kg - 2.0kg) and the other 16 weeks. The birds thrive on outdoor free range conditions, have a slower growth rate to conventional broilers and of course with a longer growing period more flavour.  

They provide a PREMIUM QUALITY BIRD that grows out to 12 or 16 weeks, unlike most meat chickens that grow out to 5 - 6 weeks. In Europe there has always been a following for slow grown birds but recently they have been increasing market share significantly. In the last few years in the US and Canada there has been much discusion around the benefits of slow grown Ranger birds with some major food companies pledging to be 100% slow growth chickens by 2024.

Joyce’s Gold Heritage Meat Chickens are truly suited to FREE RANGE conditions and Australia’s often extreme climate. They are quite happy in the hot or cold, sleeping on the ground, on perches or even in trees. Regular commercial meat chicks become very big in the breast area at a very fast rate and their legs often struggle to support their body weight meaning even the ones on free range spend most of the time after around six weeks of age sitting and usually only getting up to eat mash or have a drink.  The Joyce`s Gold birds however develop all parts of their body at the same rate allowing for natural chicken movement and behaviour.

With a longer growing period and real free ranging ability, you get a table bird that tastes like chicken used to taste.

Customers often say they have not had birds with this amount of flavour in many years and only tasted birds like this in Europe and many Asian customers preferring the flavour of a Heritage bird over regular meat chickens.

The flavour of these birds has seen them win the highly regarded Delicious Produce Award four times. Our sixteen week strain winning two in 2018 and the new 12 week strain one in 2019 and one in 2020.

We have recently purchased farms located at Kalbar and Harrisville in the beautiful Scenic Rim region.We have designed movable sheds that are moved daily onto fresh pasture. The birds truly shine with this system having access to free range and new pasture to enjoy every day!